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TUM Autonomous Motorsport Keynote at Ansys Formula Student Event 2021

In September, Ansys organized the 14th Formula Student Event and Workshop, gathering student teams virtually from all over Europe and helping them prepare for the upcoming Formula Student season. One of the highlights of this year’s event was an outstanding keynote presentation by Alexander Wischnewski, Team Leader of TUM Autonomous Motorsportfrom the Technische Universität München (TUM). In June 2021, his team was awarded $50,000 for the second best result at Ansys Indy Autonomous Challenge Simulation Race.

Nearly one month later, on October 23rd, TUM Autonomous Motorsport won the Indy Autonomous Challenge powered by Cisco, the first autonomous racecar competition at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. TUM competed in a field of nine teams from 21 Universities. Their autonomous race car reached up to 218 kilometers per hour and won first place as well as a cash prize of one million US dollars.

In this on demand keynote presentation, Alexander Wischnewski shares his personal journey from Formula Student to Indy Autonomous Challenge. He also talks about the results of the simulation race powered by Ansys and provides some insights into the work of TUM Autonomous Motorsport, in particular the software concept and algorithms the team is applying, as well as their challenges and learnings.


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