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Fast & Easy Concept Designs with Ansys SpaceClaim

When developing new designs, speed, ease of use and performance insights are critical to a successful product launch. Very few 3D engineering tools are fast, easy and powerful, resulting in tradeoffs or the use of multiple software. This webinar explores Ansys SpaceClaim’s flexible direct editing feature that helps you rapidly move your design ideas into a user-friendly 3D environment. Additionally, we discuss how you can leverage SpaceClaim to forecast assembly and mechanism performance — factoring in friction and material properties gravity — providing you with an in-depth understanding of any design challenges ahead. Lastly, we will highlight how Ansys Discovery performs real-time simulation of structural loading trends, thermal transfer, modal response, fluid behavior and topology optimizations to lightweight and improve the performance of the design. Don’t miss out on how you can accelerate your conceptual design phase with these cutting-edge Ansys tools.

  • Learn how to easily create and edit parts, assemblies and drawings all in one user interface (UI).
  • Understand how to open, repair and edit files from neutral and native CAD systems.
  • Discover how to identify and fix mechanism issues using Algoryx Momentum’s rigid body dynamics add-on feature.
  • Receive expert insights on rapidly exploring multiple design concepts with real-time interactive simulation.

Presenters: Curt Chan & Ethan Rabinowitz


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