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Ansys Mechanical: Extending your FEA capabilities beyond CAD-Embedded FEA Tools

Finite element (FE) simulation is widely used by engineers to gain insight into the structural, vibration, impact and thermal performance of components, sub-assemblies and systems. In fact, the availability of FE simulation tools embedded within CAD software has driven this adoption and raised awareness of the power of simulation to optimize the design and increase confidence whilst saving time.

However, for certain projects and applications, there can often be a requirement for FEA capability beyond that offered by the CAD-embedded FE tools. Whether it is a need for increased fidelity in non-linear material or contact definitions, more control on mesh settings or a host of other complications, then the Ansys Mechanical simulation software delivers a solution to extend your company's structural and thermal FEA capabilities.

Please view this 60-minute webinar featuring:

  • an overview of applications typically beyond the capabilities of CAD-embedded FE simulation software and examples where higher fidelity FEA is valuable.
  • an introduction to the capabilities and applications of the Ansys Mechanical family of tools
  • an Ansys Mechanical product demonstration highlighting the connectivity to MCAD, the easy to use but advanced FE simulation capabilities and the optimisation tools provided.



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