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Electrical, Thermal, Structural Reliability – A Complete Multiphysics Analysis of Printed Circuit Boards

Whether the application is Automotive, 5G, Industrial, Energy, IoT, Medical, FA&D, or Consumer Goods, the chances are high that a printed circuit board will be involved. Increases in the electrification of modern systems will include electronic sensors, wireless connectivity, power conversion, or data handling system in most new designs. These systems require reliable PCB designs to reduce the chances of system failures when out in the field. 

About This Event

This presentation will discuss how the use of Altium and Ansys together can lead to solid design workflows that will produce reliable electronic systems.  An example detailing a complete workflow applied to a mini-computer motherboard laid out using Altium’s Nexxus Application will be shown.  The PCB will undergo a full simulation workflow including electrical power analysis, high speed signal integrity analysis, EMI, system thermal analysis, structural analysis, and end with physical reliability lifetime predictions.  Multiple steps in the process are interwoven because each physics affects the others.  Applications such as SIwave, HFSS, Icepak, Discovery Live, Sherlock, and others are involved.  The whole process is interwoven and controlled by Ansys Minerva.


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