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DO-178C Compliant Software Development with Ansys SCADE

Globally, the aerospace industry is going through multiple challenges. Both civilian and military aircraft manufacturers have become highly cost conscious, both in terms of development and operating costs. Program development time and budget are adversely impacted. It is necessary to increase efficiency, performance and safety while meeting stringent standards for certification.

Most of the innovative capabilities, performance improvements and safety features are delivered by software applications these days. There is increasing dependency on software in modern jets to control critical functions such as flight controls, engine controls, cockpit displays (including weapon controls), load management, etc., in military aircraft, which requires software with several million lines of code. Model-based software development and certifiable auto code generation has been accepted by the industry as a key solution to manage the complexity of applications and deliver high quality software that meets the DO-178C standard up to the highest level.

In this webinar, we highlight how Ansys SCADE solutions are used for:

  • Model-based development of control and cockpit displays.
  • Certifiable auto code generation, test and verification.
  • Certification and documentation.


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