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Differential Via Optimization with Ansys HFSS 3D Layout and Ansys optiSLang

This webinar spotlights how to use Ansys optiSLang to gain the most insight into an Ansys HFSS 3D Layout differential via design to optimize its performance and to study how manufacturing tolerances impact the yield of fabricated devices. 

During the first half of this webinar, we will demonstrate how optiSLang uses a sensitivity analysis to create a metamodel describing the differential via performance over all possible geometry combinations in the design space. This metamodel assesses which of the input parameters have the largest impact on the device response, allowing us to narrow the design space. Additionally, we will show how the differential via performance is optimized using the insight of the metamodel to prevent getting stuck in a local optimum.

In the webinar’s second half, using a robustness analysis in optiSLang, we will explore how manufacturing tolerances will impact the yield of the optimized differential via. The robustness analysis will show what percentage of manufactured devices fails a specified design requirement. This analysis will also indicate which of the manufacturing tolerances must be improved in order to increase the yield.



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