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Design a silicon photonic ring-based WDM transceiver with EPDA

This webinar will present state-of-the-art electronic-photonic design automation (EPDAs) solutions jointly developed by Ansys Lumerical and Cadence. To demonstrate the overall EPDA design workflow, we approach the complex task of designing an integrated silicon photonic wavelength-division-multiplexing (WDM) system that consists of 4-channel ring-based transceivers and electronic mixed-signal circuits. The webinar provides technical details on the transceiver's components and circuit-level design workflows.

What you will learn 

  •   Design curvilinear photonic component layouts 
  •  Generate 3D models in Lumerical 
  •   Build high-quality photonic compact models 
  •  See schematic-driven co-design and co-simulation for the electro-photonic WDM transceiver
  •  Learn schematic-driven layout for photonic circuits and back-annotate photonic layouts


  • Zeqin Lu, Lead R&D Engineer, Ansys
  • Gilles Lamant, Distinguished Engineer, Cadence


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