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Modeling the Impact of Stray Light on the Imaging Performance of a Smartphone Camera System

In general, stray light means light that does not enter the system through a designed path before reaching the image plane and degrading the intended image. Even if the optical performance of a system is well designed, there may be some unwanted ‘stray’ light on the image plane. This stray light may be only a minor issue in a low-cost consumer camera. Still, more complex camera systems can result in a costly data loss that dramatically affects the system’s performance. This makes it essential to investigate the understanding and effect of stray light on performance before creating a physical prototype.

In this webinar, we will review the effects of stray light on a smartphone camera system.

We’ll introduce a method to analyze stray light from optomechanical components and how to design or modify them. Finding out and mitigating the paths this unwanted light takes is the most critical part of stray light analysis. The Ansys Optics Solution provides a streamlined workflow performing stray light analysis on a complete camera system.

We’ll focus on steps 2-4 of the Ansys Speos workflow including:

  • An introduction to stray light analysis concepts
  • New “Zemax Importer tool” capabilities
  • A demonstration of Ansys Speos features including GPU Compute, light expert (LXP), sequence detection

Who Should Watch:

Optical Engineers, Optical Designers


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