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Best Practices on Fatigue & Fracture

Fatigue is an important failure mode that needs to be accounted for in product design. Over time, stress cycles can cause cracks to start and grow until structural failure, so it is important to understand and predict fatigue to avoid these costly and dangerous failures. This webinar will introduce the fatigue failure mode, illustrate important concepts and demonstrate ways to predict product life. We will discuss fatigue calculation methods like stress-life (SN), strain-life (EN) and crack growth. Topics include:

  • Estimating fatigue for various load conditions — static and dynamic fatigue
  • Ansys fatigue module and Ansys nCode Design Life
  • Case studies/test validation
  • Analyzing cracks using S.M.A.R.T Methodology


Bharat Jidugu holds a master’s degree in aerospace engineering from IIT Madras. He has worked with leading global OEMS in aerospace engineering and has been a part of some of the most innovative product development programs in the industry. At Ansys, he leverages his experience to maximize value to customers by enabling them to adopt improved simulation practices, particularly in the area of nonlinear structural analysis, by incorporating processes to redefine and improvise legacy design practices in life cycle prediction. He helps customers understand technologies and simulation methods through training sessions at customer user groups. Jidugu reinforces the learning processes through substantive theoretical orientations and perspectives.


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