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Developing Next-generation Batteries with 3D Physics and Systems Modeling and Simulation

With the rising demand for ultra-low power design methodologies in power electronics and electric vehicle manufacturing, advances in battery technology have become increasingly important. To save time and costs associated with battery experimentation during R&D, modeling and simulation are essential.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how Ansys Twin Builder can help:

  • Model battery cells using the new Modelica-based library’s equivalent circuit models (ECMs) with state of charge (SOC) or SOC temperature dependency.
  • Create 3D reduced order models (ROMs) in Twin Builder using 3D simulation data from Ansys Fluent. We will explore the available native applications, ACT Extensions (apps) and other toolkits that help automate the ROM creation process for battery applications.
  • Integrate electrical ECMs with thermal ROMs to provide a systems-level understanding of battery thermal and electrical performance under various load-level scenarios.  We will also discuss how battery models can be incorporated into larger systems-level models, such as those for electric vehicles.



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