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Battery Energy Storage System Modeling in Ansys Twin Builder

A stationary battery energy storage system (BESS) is an essential technology in unitizing renewable energy applications. Large battery installations like BESS can generate substantial heat during operation, with the elevated temperature causing a range of deleterious effects and, in some cases, even serious safety concerns. A dynamic system model is essential to analyze and optimize the thermal management system (BMS) that prioritizes battery safety and balances costs between the cooling system and battery degradation due to thermal effects.

Learn how Wartsila has been using Ansys simulation technology across a range of critical BESS components to build a dynamic system model, including chiller cooling, heating and mass flow control modeling using Ansys Twin Builder. This includes cold plate characterization from CFD results, generating the LTI ROM and corelating its result with testing. It is also used for generating the ECM (electric circuit model) from HPPC (hybrid pulse power characterization) testing for predicting battery cell SOC, voltage and heat generation in the system model. BMS modeling with lookup table components and end of life (EOL) battery cell state of health (SOH) prediction is also possible with an add-on Python module.

Speaker: Xiao Hu, Senior Principal Application Engineer, Ansys & Dewel Guan, Wartsila


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