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Ansys Sound Composer: Make Your Product Sound Sublime

During this webinar you will discover a tool that enables you to reconstruct the sound of a product by combining individual sources and defining an intended operating scenario. Ansys Sound takes data inputs from measurements or from simulation software results. These measured or CAE data can have different formats: temporal signals, spectra, color maps, computed ERP, order levels, transfer function, etc.

Three examples will be considered:

  1. How would the sound change if we replace the engine in an ICE vehicle by an electric one?
  2. How would my new hairdryer sound if I change the design of the electric engine?
  3. How could system-level sound be impacted by a component design defect?

During this seminar, you will learn how to:

  • Virtually assess the sound of your whole system by combining individual sound sources
  • Combine CAE simulation results and measurements inside a single tool to improve noise and vibrations
  • Generate the sound that your product would make under any running condition
  • Anticipate the NVH effect of a design defect at component and system levels, considering psychoacoustics impact
  • Virtually assess different strategies comparing component design and transfer function improvement

Speaker: Clément Dendievel
Duration: 30 minutes


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