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Features and Benefits of Ansys Optics Launcher for Lumerical, Speos, and Zemax OpticStudio

The Optics Launcher is now included with the 3 Ansys Optics-Photonics software in 2023 R2 version. Its intuitive in-product experience enables fast access to all Ansys Optics product trials and application gallery example files from any of the Ansys Lumerical, Ansys Zemax, or Ansys Speos products.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn about the launch pad feature to start your favorite application
  • See and restart recent files for multiphysics projects
  • Access to the example simulation projects from
  • Get a self-serve trial license to test for 30 days Lumerical, Zemax or Speos
  • Ask questions and get feedback from our experts


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