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Ansys Multiphysics Simulation for Crack Propagation Analysis

In this webinar, we will demonstrate a multiphysics simulation for crack propagation analysis. You will learn how a multiphysics workflow in Ansys Workbench — integrated with Ansys Mechanical and Ansys Fluent — can be established for this purpose. Our SMART (separating morphing and adaptive remeshing technology) crack growth capability will be employed to analyze crack growth due to thermo-mechanical fatigue (TMF).

The webinar will take you through an illustrative workflow using a turbocharger application to explain:

  • Fluid mechanics analysis (for the determination of temperature and pressure distribution on surfaces)
  • Thermal analysis (for the calculation of full temperature fields)
  • Stress analysis (for the delivery of full displacement and stress fields and to find the most highly stressed areas)
  • SMART crack growth analysis (for determination of fracture parameters, crack path and component lifetime after crack initiation)



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