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WEBINAR                                                                                                                2020

Ansys Motor-CAD 2020 R1: Advancements and Upgrades

The webinar features an in-depth look at how you can seamlessly integrate Ansys Motor-CAD into your electric motor design workflow. This state-of-the-art software links to Ansys Maxwell for highly detailed 2D & 3D finite element physics-based analysis of electric machines. You will receive expert insights on how Motor-CAD outputs an electrothermal model-based design through FMU technology.

In this manner, Motor-CAD creates a virtual model to connect with other system-level components, and accurately predicts drive cycles in system-level environments. Additionally, you will learn how multiphysics analysis impacts design decisions early in the design process to help create more competitive electric motor designs.


Join us for this free webinar and learn about the latest 2020 R1 enhancements for Motor-CAD.

  • Discover Motor-CAD’s cutting-edge advancements that effectively optimize electric motor design.
  • Learn how to easily incorporate Motor-CAD into your workflow.
  • Understand how to successfully execute highly precise 2D & 3D physics-based modeling and analysis of machines.
  • Receive expert tips for using Motor-CAD to output electrothermal model-based designs.



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