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Ansys Maxwell Model-Based FEA Integration into NI HiL Simulation

The embedded software development process starts with the design of the control strategy and then goes through prototyping and deployment to production hardware. That is followed by various real-time testing tasks such as hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) validation, test cell validation and field testing. The focus is commonly on the reuse of models throughout the process to improve development quality and efficiency.

View this webinar in which we will demonstrate how Ansys Maxwell can be used in the simulation-driven design of a typical motor drive application with a battery stack, a battery management system, a DC bus, an inverter and a traction motor. The trend is toward faster, higher power PWM signal switching. The smoothness of this output waveform has a huge impact on the behavior of the closed-loop system; its dynamics affect the efficiency and vibration of the motor. Learn how a well-tuned HIL system can help test and diagnose problems, and in doing so can lead to a safer, more efficient closed loop control system. Discover how performing this software-based test often reduces the time required for controller validation.


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