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Ansys AI Filter Optimization, Multiphysics and Automation for 5G

Filter design has traditionally been the domain of highly experience specialists and filter tuning has been accomplished by tedious trial and error approaches. Modern optimization software can be leveraged to tackle filter design and tuning to make the specialist more efficient and to allow less experienced engineers and technicians tackle complex filter problems. Power and thermal effects are seriuos problems in filter designs. The use of coupled electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical solvers allow design engineers to predict and design for these thermal effects.

This webinar introduces the SynMatrix filter synthesis and optimization tool.  This tool can be used to drive HFSS full wave simulation and filter tuning.  It also introduce the optiSLang general purpose optimizer and its application to filter optimization.  A multiphysics linkage between three Ansys solvers is employed to show a filter response change to applied power and ambient temperature. 


  • synMatrix introduction
  • Filter optimization and Multiphysics
  • Automation
  • Questions and Answers
  • Wrap up


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