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Ansys 2022 R1: Model-based (WCET) Computation for Critical Embedded Software with Ansys SCADE

This webinar provides insights on the latest embedded software enhancements in Ansys 2022 R1. In partnership with AbsInt GmbH, we'll explore worst-case execution time (WCET) computation for model-based embedded software.

Ansys and AbsInt combined solutions automatically verify timing and stack space requirements for the SCADE Suite generated code on specified processor targets by estimating Worst Case Execution Time (WCET). We'll share reporting results at the model level within SCADE for several families of processors, including PowerPC, ARM Cortex and TriCode, Infineon Aurix, or other targets.

What Attendees Will Learn

  • Discover the challenges of Worst Case Execution Time computation for Embedded Software
  • Technology enabling to compute this WCET safely
  • Innovations in 2022 R1


François-Xavier Dormoy

Christian Hümbert (AbsInt)


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