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Ansys 2021 R1: What’s New For Granta Selector

Selector is a powerful, versatile software solution that uses a combination of comprehensive materials data and visualization, solving and estimation tools to help you select the right material for the right job.

New features include the ability to select several new materials simultaneously and rapidly assess and compare their benefits and drawbacks to find the best candidates for key applications.

Integration of Selector into other Ansys products is improved, with a smoother, more intuitive workflow. You can quickly find alternative materials and export simulation-ready data, helping you save time, cost and weight in your products.

Finally, we reveal the substantially new and improved data sets available in Selector, including new materials, new data attributes and new functional data.

What you will learn

  • What’s new in Ansys Granta Selector — new features and data to help you find the best materials for your applications to save cost, time, weight and improve performance
  • New and improved tools and their applications within your business
  • How Selector is better integrated with existing Ansys products
  • New and updated datasets within Granta Selector

Who should attend

  • Any current users of Granta Selector
  • Materials experts, design engineers, consultants, manufactures, procurement — anyone who needs to make a decision about materials, or who works with materials in any form
  • Any industry – aerospace, batteries, construction, transportation, manufacturing, processing, etc.



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