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Interview: Ansys Talks CAD/CAE in the Cloud and Ansys Gateway Powered by AWS

In this interview with Jane Trenaman, vice president of portfolio product management at Ansys, she discusses the growing importance of the cloud for customers using Ansys engineering simulation and CAD/CAE software.

Trenaman discusses the challenges faced by engineers and how the cloud has evolved to support end-user workload needs.

She also highlights the company’s partnership with AWS announced last year and the launch of Ansys Gateway powered by AWS, which is a solution for developers, designers, and engineers who want to manage their Ansys simulation and CAD/CAE developments in the cloud. Among other advantages, Ansys Gateway powered by AWS allows engineers to access cloud computing resources from anywhere on any device via a web browser, letting them create, customize and connect cloud applications with minimal technical skills.

Trenaman also discusses Ansys’s approach to the cloud and how it fits into the company’s overall product strategy, along with future trends for simulation in the cloud. She also looks at customers’ cloud workflow strategies and the advantages they get from those techniques.

Other trends discussed: accelerated employee onboarding, collaborating in the cloud, cloud cost controls, and advice for engineering companies interested in getting started in the cloud.


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