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Case Study

Fraunhofer HHI Delivers InP Foundry Calibrated SOA Compact Model with Ansys Lumerical

“We are excited to offer a calibrated compact modeling solution for SOAs and lasers based on parameters extracted from measured devices fabricated in our process. We chose leading photonics simulation tool provider Ansys Lumerical as a partner in developing our first SOA compact model to bring our customers unparalleled design flexibility and confidence. The SOA gain block is the fundamental element to let engineers design custom lasers and amplification blocks tailored to their application while saving time-consuming fabrication cycles for initial prototypes”

— Moritz Baier, head of the Photonic InP Foundry Group at Fraunhofer HHI


Indium phosphide (InP) processes have long been a mainstay of integrated photonics. They provide maximum functionality for photonic integrated circuit (PIC) designers thanks to their support for native gain materials and lasers. As a leading InP foundry, Fraunhofer HHI provides users with foundry services to achieve their most challenging design goals through experience and commitment to an open-access model.


To accelerate the time to market and unlock the full potential of InP PICs, designers need accurate compact models calibrated to foundry measurements. While compact model libraries exist for many passive and active components, designers must rely on simplified black-box models for lasers and gain components, limiting design flexibility and potentially missing critical operating characteristics. This can increase time to market as additional design cycles become necessary.

Engineering Solution

The development of the foundry-calibrated SOA compact model is the result of a close collaboration between HHI and Ansys Lumerical. With HHI’s state-of-the-art fabrication facilities, accurate and repeatable measurements of the devices were performed over wavelength, input optical power, and input current. 

 Using Ansys Lumerical INTERCONNECT as a simulation platform enabled the development and refinement of specific experiments to obtain key values for the compact model. It accelerated the parameter extraction process through its support for automation.


These results (see pdf) demonstrate the flexibility and accuracy of HHI’s SOA compact model when used with Ansys Lumerical INTERCONNECT. Customers can now simulate gain in integrated circuits with confidence, leading to reduced prototyping costs and faster time to market.

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