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Case Study

CompoundTek Generates Accurate and Compact Models for PDK

“Ansys CML Compiler enabled us to generate accurate, compact models for all elements in our PDK, along with the option to add statistical data. This has enabled our customers to shorten their learning and design cycle, thus improving their time to market.”

— K.S. Ang, COO, CompoundTek


As an innovative leader in silicon photonics, CompoundTek set out to deliver 3-sigma statistical support to provide customers with best-in-class process design kit (PDK) models that represent CompoundTek’s proprietary manufacturing process.


To deliver statistical support with minimal time to market, CompoundTek looked for innovative ways to improve its processes for the development and maintenance of PDKs.

Engineering Solution

CompoundTek chose Ansys Lumerical’s CML Compiler, embracing a solution for increased automation for building and maintaining compact model libraries (CMLs). With the addition of statistical support in the CML Compiler, it was the perfect tool to help improve productivity. The statistical models enable CompoundTek customers’ designs to have a better fit of the simulation results with the actual performance, resulting in a more accurate prediction of chip performance and yield.


The data requirements of the CML Compiler make it easier to identify the required measurements needed for the statistical enablement of models. Switching from a nominal to a statistical model is easily accomplished by adding the required statistical data measured from CompoundTek’s silicon wafer. Built-in quality assurance verifies the statistical and nominal behavior of generated compact models.

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