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Case Study

OPTIX JSC Optimizes Product and Design Development with OpticsBuilder and OpticStudio

OPTIX JSC is the only company in Bulgaria that manufactures a full range of optical devices and systems for army and law enforcement officials. It is also the first Bulgarian firm to administer a quintuple integrated management system adhering to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in quality management, information security, environmental protection, military standard of NATO, and labor health and safety.


As the need to optimize workflows increased, OPTIX JSC needed a way to connect team members more seamlessly, particularly with file sharing throughout each stage of production.The primary challenge was to accelerate the production process while maintaining efficiency and product quality. OPTIX JSC sought a sophisticated software equipped to optimize workloads, integrate well with CAD platforms in place, and simplify the product and design scheme development process.

Ansys Products Used

  • Zemax OpticsBuilder
  • Zemax OpticStudio

Engineering Solution

As a Zemax customer for more than 20 years, OPTIX JSC has embraced OpticStudio since 2014 as its end-to-end optical systems design solution, effectively integrated with the CAD platform used by its mechanical design team. However, with increased workloads and greater challenges, OPTIX JSC sought a solution tailored for workflow optimization that would integrate more fully with its CAD platform, across all disciplines, environments, and departments. In addition to other capabilities, OpticsBuilder allows CAD users to convert complete optical designs from OpticStudio into CAD and export optical drawings to manufacturing for next-stage processing. Since integrating OpticsBuilder, OPTIX JSC has streamlined its production workflow while reducing product and design development time and costs. The enhanced workflow has also improved engineering and product efficiency with less late-stage redesign or errors.


OpticsBuilder optimizes the workflow between OpticStudio and CAD platforms, acting as a bridge to easily convert and transfer optical designs, files, and workloads for more seamless collaboration among team members.

With OpticsBuilder, OPTIX JSC has reduced product and design scheme development time and costs, while improving efficiency with less late-stage redesign or errors

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