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With the proprietary vector systems, a wealth of x86-based products including accelerators, and storage appliances, NEC provides complete solutions for all kinds of requirements. In addition NEC has the necessary skills to provide HPC services, from simple installation and customization to running the most complex heterogeneous systems in mission-critical operational environments, including code development and tuning consultancy by experienced analysts. Our storage solutions range from an in-house developed global parallel filesystem (ScaTeFS) to file system appliances based on Lustre, GPFS, BeeGFS and other file systems. NEC also covers the full spectrum from high performance NVMe storage to multi-tiered storage solutions. NEC works with different HPC network technology partners, building large clusters both with InfiniBand and Omni-Path technologies. On the software side NEC develops compilers, libraries and MPI. We also provide our own cluster management suite, which we have developed from our longstanding experiences with large cluster installations. This whole suite of monitoring, administration and management functionality is constantly developed with the goal to enhance scalability even for the largest and most heterogeneous complex configurations.

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