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CYBERNET Multiscale.Sim (Advanced Solution Partner)

Multiscale.Sim® is an add-in tool developed by Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd., Japan for the Ansys® Workbench™ environment. It has been serving the material industry and its clients since the first commercial release in 2007.  Multiscale.Sim is available to purchase from the Ansys Store.

Since 1985, CYBERNET has been providing a wide array of leading-edge software solution services in the field of scientific computation with a focus on services related to CAE including Ansys software solutions for structural analysis, mechanical design, control design, thermal/fluids analysis, electronic circuit design, and acoustic analysis. The company also offers professional services including seminars, end user training, technical support, and consulting, as well as development services related to software integration and the creation of self-contained, application-specific modules for design and analysis.

CYBERNET is also an Ansys Elite Channel Partner.

Multiscale.Sim analysis feature highlights

Multiscale.Sim can perform a ‘numerical material test’ on composites to evaluate macroscopic anisotropic material constants without having to carry out a physical material test. It uses the homogenization method for multiscale modeling. Multiscale.Sim has several unique features that make material design and simulation of composites faster, accurate, and cost-effective.

Linear version

The linear version can perform the following analysis.
Elastic Analysis:elastic modulus, Poisson's ratio, shear elastic modulus, linear expansion coefficient, density
Heat Transfer Analysis:thermal conductivity, specific heat
Penetration Analysis:permeability for Darcy's law
Electric Current Analysis:electrical resistivity
Electric Field Analysis:specific permittivity
Magnetic Field Analysis:specific magnetic permeability

Non-linear version

The non-linear version can perform following analysis in addition to the above.
Homogenization Analysis (numerical material test):elasto-plasticity, creep, hyper-elastic, viscoelastic, piezo-electric, damage
Homogenization Analysis (physical properties identified):elasto-plasticity, creep, hyper-elastic, viscoelastic
Localization:geometric non-linear, non-linear material (elasto-plasticity, creep, hyper-elastic, viscoelastic)

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