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Cadence Design Systems



Cadence Design Systems' converter links provide Ansys users with the ability to port complex shapes including leadframes to a variety of Ansys tools including HFSS, Q3D, SiWave etc. The Simlink HFSS/Q3D converters are an add-on module that exports an intelligent design using the design process from one of our Designer Suites.Once the layout has been created from scratch or re-intelligized from DXF/DWG files, the design layout will include embedded attributes such as Material and Net information. The exported design and attribute information is saved as a .VBS script to be read into the Ansys HFSS/Q3D environment. Key Export Options include:

  • Spline Bond (for smooth wires)
  • Dielectric Layers
  • Ohmegaply Underlay
  • Substrate Bond Pads (SBP)
  • Union Metal objects
  • Bond wire shapes include: Hexagonal, Octagonal, Ribbon, Round
  • Bondwire Industry types: Jedec 4, Jedec 5 or set custom Jedec Height
  • Creates .VBS script that will include information from design and settings and rebuilds in HFSS/Q3D environment.

Using the internal 'Captured' netlist, the software can be used to quickly create ports that will be used in the export to HFSS/Q3D.

  • Designate by Reference Designator (component) and pin.
  • Populates with Captured Netnames
  • Set Ohms values for Resistance and Reactance
  • Includes X and Y coordinates of each port
  • Set Text size or use default value set by EPD
  • Enable or Disable ports for export

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