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Advanced Design Technology LTD

Advanced Design Technology (ADT) is a global leader in turbomachinery design and optimization software. Their 3D Inverse Design technology optimizes performance, increases efficiency and reduces development time of turbomachinery components, including pumps, fans, compressors and turbines.

Their TURBOdesign Suite software uses the 3D Inverse Design method to empower designers with full control of the aerodynamic design process to revolutionize turbomachinery components. 3D Inverse Design gives designers direct control of the flow field to avoid time-consuming and costly trial and error experiments. Designers can generate new shapes and ideas in a matter of minutes to rapidly achieve optimum performance.

TURBOdesign Suite integrates seamlessly with Ansys Workbench through TURBOdesign Optima and LinkWB. This creates the links and automatic data transfer from the 3D Inverse Design code, TURBOdesign1, to different meshing tools for CFD and FEA analysis. Automatic parametric analysis can be done inside Workbench. If coupled with Ansys DesignXplorer, Workbench can also be used for automatic multi-point/multi-disciplinary optimization for single or multiple blade rows.

ADT has an active engineering services team composed of highly skilled turbomachinery design and analysis engineers. The engineering team can perform a complete study, from conception to final design for manufacturing, or apply their expertise along with unique inverse design technology to projects that are facing challenging multi-point or multi-objective design objectives. ADT also actively pursues joint R&D projects with major turbomachinery industries and research centres by forming consortium projects to solve some of the important generic problems in turbomachinery aerodynamics.

ADT’s clients represent some of the leading companies in the aerospace, automotive, power generation and marine fields. These companies have achieved significant returns on investment in terms of reduced design time, higher performance and ease of know-how transfer between different design teams and projects. The features of TURBOdesign Suite create a competitive advantage for many businesses to maximize technology performance.

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