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TotalCAE enables customers to take advantage of High Performance Computing for the entire suite of Ansys products by selling, supporting, and completely managing turnkey HPC cluster appliance for Ansys applications in the customers’ data center, or the public cloud.

As the customers dedicated IT department, TotalCAE keep engineers fully productive with Ansys by managing their CAE IT environment around-the-clock including supporting their entire engineering Ansys software portfolio, Ansys license manager, Ansys software updates, and all HPC software, HPC hardware, and applications which enables engineers to focus on engineering, and not worry about IT.

The TotalCAE platform includes a suite of products including:

  1. TotalCAE Portal for simplified HPC job submission and management for all Ansys solvers.
  2. TotalCAE TAF for license aware job scheduling submission for Ansys workbench users.
  3. TotalViz a remote visualization solution accessed from inside a web browser to enable Ansys pre and post processing with no plugins or client configuration needed.
  4. StorageCamel, Protect against threats to your engineering data with a simple to use appliance that enables 3-2-1 backups with encrypted offsite self-service restore for pennies per gigabyte.


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