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As a global leader in High Performance Computing, Lenovo™ is working with Ansys™ to develop, integrate, and deploy technologies of the coming Exascale era of computing to organizations of all sizes, what we call “From Exascale to Everyscale™”. Ansys, Lenovo and Intel™ partnered to bring together solutions that optimize performance, accelerate product development with increased speed to market. The combined solution should enable a greater number of high-fidelity simulations conducted more rapidly and help customers ensure that their products perform as expected in the real-world.

These joint solutions, validated/optimized platforms can be deployed quickly with a solution built for Ansys workloads and based on Lenovo’s ThinkSystem Servers purposed for technical computing. This provides the flexibility and scalability supporting a range of Ansys applications and workloads, which can be adapted and expanded to meet customers changing requirements.


White Paper


Case Study


Solution Briefs


Lenovo ThinkSystem Servers for High Performance Computing


Lenovo Data Sheets for ThinkSystem servers

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