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Intel Custom Foundry

Over the years, Intel has driven the innovations in integrated circuit (IC) technology that have fueled Moore’s Law, delivering superior performance, power, density and cost per transistor. Through the Intel Custom Foundry, customers can harness Moore’s Law in their own products. Our foundry is the world’s most advanced and complete contract integrated circuit (IC) manufacturer. Leverage the process development leadership, manufacturing prowess, and packaging resources of the world's largest semiconductor company, Intel, to benefit your products.

Intel Custom Foundry’s primary value proposition lies in our leadership silicon technologies. This translates into four key values that we bring to our customers:

  • Best transistors
  • Decreasing cost per transistor
  • Faster time to market
  • Confidence in pursuit of Moore’s Law

Intel Custom Foundry align with a broad range of industry-leading EDA suppliers early in the technology development cycle to incorporate the nuances of our technologies into their design tools. Our foundry ecosystem is growing quickly to meet the needs of current and future customers.

Through the collaboration with Ansys, Ansys provides reference flows for system-on-chip (SoC) power and electromigration (EM) sign-off for Intel's 10 nm, 14 nm, and 22 nm tri-gate process technology for the customers of Intel Custom Foundry. Intel® tri-gate technology is a proprietary 3D transistor technology with the gate surrounding the channel on all three sides of the transistor. It provides designers with dramatic performance, power, and area benefits for their products versus previous generations of transistors.

Ansys and Intel Custom Foundry teams developed reference flows around Ansys RedHawk* for System-On-Chip (SoC) power and EM sign-off, Ansys Totem* for custom design and IP power and EM sign-off, and Ansys PathFinder* for IP and full-chip SOC ESD validation. This collaboration extends the previous 22 nm effort to now include the 14 nm & 10 nm design platforms. Through the partnership of Ansys and Intel Custom Foundry, several enhancement were made for Intel process specific features, runtime, capacity, and accuracy improvements.

Contact us now to learn can you access Intel’s technology and manufacturing capabilities to produce a broad range of differentiated products through Intel Custom Foundry.

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