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TAE SUNG S&E (Elite Channel Partner)


The goal of TAE SUNG S&E(TSNE, in short) is the "One Stop Total engineering Solution Provider(OSTS)" both in domestic and global market.

Since established in 1988, TSNE has been a CAE specialized company dedicated to deliver engineering programs and services to customers in Korea.

With its largest CAE experts and business capabilities in Korea, TSNE serves customers from variety of industries and is expanding its business scope to researching innovative technologies and applying them to the field.

As one of the major and best channel partners of Ansys, TSNE covers full portfolio of Ansys, and also a distributor of the industry leading products, DAFUL (Ansys-Motion/Multi-body Dynamics), KULI (1-D energy management), GTAM/GSAM (Topology and size optimization), ROCKY (Discrete Element Modeling), GRANTA (Materials information management) and other CAE products. Also, with TSNE Cloud, the latest cloud platform for CAE, TSNE help customers to access the best hardware resources for CAE solutions.

TSNE Cloud is the HPC Cloud platform for engineering simulation based on AWS EC2, providing a workflow environment optimized for Ansys software. Users can use the pre-installed Ansys and CAE software within the TSNE Cloud platform and work on demand.

Additional Resources:

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