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Syncious provides a cloud hosting platform known as 'SyncHPC' to Ansys customers. SyncHPC simplifies the lifecycle of Ansys workloads on High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure. It provides easy deployment, management and usage of HPC resources.

Ansys customers use SyncHPC to access cloud infrastructure along with their choice of application. They leverage the benefit of latest CPUs, GPUs, Interconnects (like InfiniBand) and storage systems available on cloud. All of the cloud benefits (like scalability, high availability, on-demand access, etc.) are implicitly provided by the platform.

SyncHPC users can easily scale-up or scale-down HPC resources to save cost. A secure connection between customer’s premise and cloud infrastructure is provided. Hence, customers can connect their existing license server to cloud. They upload/download data to/from cloud at a high speed. A secure storage is provided to keep customer data on cloud.

Generally, CAE project teams consists of multiple users with different user roles. SyncHPC provide role-based access control. Jobs submitted by users are scheduled based on user’s priority.

One of the important features is remote visualization to the GPU based workstations in cloud. This helps users to run pre-processing and post-processing on cloud itself. Syncious makes sure that workstations are allocated from the datacentres near customer’s office. It avoids latency issues faced while working on these workstations.

Syncious team analyses customers’ workload and help them to select suitable infrastructure to get best performance at optimum cost.

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