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Fujitsu Technical Computing (TC) Cloud


Fujitsu is a global information and communication technology (ICT) company, offering a full range of technology products, solutions and services. We provide high-performance computing (HPC) services through the Technical Computing (TC) Cloud, which in turn provides a parallel computing environment to enable end-users to run analytical simulations. It also provides a service for designers, analytical engineers and researchers to access HPC easily on a pay-per- use basis.


The TC Cloud service is customized for HPC

The system includes an HPC platform and a high-speed distributed file system running Linux operating system. More than 60 practical applications including the Ansys products can be used. TC Cloud provides a convenient user environment, which can be operated intuitively from a Web browser. Pre- and post-processing capability makes mesh generation and visualization easier. It also provides a mass data delivery service.

Reasonable and simple price system - available on demand

A large-scale computing environment is available with a size tailored to the project requirements and with a short lead time. It is providing the best computing environment on demand with a reasonable charge.


Secure environment - Operated at a Fujitsu data center

TC Cloud provides a secure communication environment for each customer, protecting data and eliminating concerns through use of a secure Fujitsu data center.


Building a dedicated private cloud - dedicated cloud environment

A dedicated private cloud can be built according to the customer's demand. TC Cloud provides a large-scale environment and can be combined with an in-house computer infrastructure.


Help desk with expert staff - total support

A help desk manned by expert staff well versed in analysis techniques supports the operation. It also supports the computing environment including application support.

Visit the Fujitsu TC Cloud website to learn more.

Case Study: Ansys and Fujitsu Partner to Accelerate Simulation Speed for Chiyoda

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