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Electrified Powertrain System Integration

Integrate highly complex, electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid-electric vehicle (HEV) powertrains and their subsystems and components. 

End-to-end System Workflow for Powertrain Development

The design of electrified powertrains requires a rigorous development approach and advanced design techniques to efficiently capture the embedded system architecture and associated mandatory requirements, and to implement various safety-critical software components. Behind every complex component of an electrified system is a need for a smart and safe software controller that manages the performance and the safety of the system over the lifetime of the component and the system.

Ansys solutions for electrification of powertrains provide a complete development flow from the system level to the software level, including systems simulation, model-based development, functional safety analysis and  embedded software development, to ensure that your powertrain behaves as expected in compliance with the highest levels of safety standards such as ISO 26262 (up to ASIL D) in automotive. With our automatic code generation capabilities, you can significantly reduce the time to certification and ensure the appropriate level of performances and safety.

Significant Challenges Exist to Deliver Future Electrified Powertrain Technology:

  • Performance
  • Efficiency
  • Modularization
  • Cost
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    Cost Reduction 15% productivity gains
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    Performance 12x acceleration of simulation time with reduced-order models
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    Design Cycle Time Reduction 50% compressed electric vehicle development time
Electrified Powertrain System Integration

Electrified Power Train

Stable Powertrain Design

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epowertrain Stable Powertrain Design

System Architecture Selection and Functional Safety Analyses

Functional safety is critical to ensure that the complex electronics in today's vehicles are reliably delivering consistent performance over time, without system failures.

The traditional approach of using point tools for individual tasks is error-prone and time-consuming. The combination of Ansys medini analyze and Ansys SCADE provides a comprehensive model-based solution for architecture-driven safety analyses that ensure traceability and consistency all along the system development lifecycle. The benefits include:

  • Discover and consider safety requirements early in the design process
  • Keep safety analysis results consistent
  • Integrate safety processes seamlessly with system and software development

Embedded Software Development and Validation

Ansys SCADE flow supports all software development activities for ISO 26262, ASPICE, AUTOSAR.

  • User cases show a 40% to 50% cost reduction with this approach
  • Experience significant productivity gain with Ansys SCADE ISO 6262 Qualified Code Generation
  • 50% time savings versus manual coding: elimination of debug, review and V&V activities
  • 2x faster to market: early detection of flaws, automated production of readable, portable, high-performance and high-quality codes, and improved long-term maintainability

High-Fidelity Models and Multi-Level Model Libraries

EV Powertrain Library is a Modelica library for dynamic multi-domain modeling of electrified systems. It's ideal for design exploration of system modeling workflow.

The library supports multi-fidelity modeling for electrification. Use the library of models to capture electrical, thermal, mechanical, and interactions for electrification controls applications, including electric and hybrid vehicles, electric mobility, auxiliary power electric storage and electrification of engineered systems applications. This complements Twin Builder’s high-fidelity ROM-based workflow. 

System Integration

Optimize component selection, sensor placement and control strategies to improve the system lifespan and efficiency. Tune and optimize controller parameters to improve the driver experience. Validate correct response with respect to functional requirements.

  • Co-simulation for Model-in-the-Loop (MiL) design and tuning of control strategies
  • Code Import for Software-in-the-Loop (SiL) validation of the real embedded code in the virtual system

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