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EMA3D Foundations & Integrations Webinar Series

This webinar series goes into significant depth on the numerical methods and solver technologies employed by Ansys EMC Plus and Ansys Charge Plus. Applications are then discussed in detail to illustrate how EMA3D solver technology suits the modeling, simulation, and analysis of the selected electromagnetic problem sets. Furthermore, the integrations between EMA3D tools and other simulators in the Ansys portfolio are discussed to identify opportunities for Multiphysics simulations of product designs.

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On Demand Webinars

Webinar on Demand
Part 1: Foundations and Integrations for Ansys EMA3D Tools

This webinar goes ‘behind the curtain’ to detail EMA3D solver technologies and covers integrations with other Ansys tools to support real Multiphysics simulations.

Webinar on Demand
Part 2: Electromagnetic Certification (EMC)

The unique capabilities of EMA3D tools are brought to bear along with other Ansys tools to collaboratively optimize EMC for electronic designs.

Part 3: The Particle-in-Cell Solver of Ansys Charge Plus

Ansys Charge Plus solvers are discussed in detail using electromagnetic simulation examples of charged plasmas in aerospace and semiconductor manufacturing applications.

Webinar On Demand
Part 4: EMI and ESD Simulation of an Entire Electronic Device

This webinar, the 4th in a 5-part series, explores the use of EMA3D tools in conjunction with other Ansys computational electromagnetic simulation tools for modeling and simulating EMI effects in entire electronic systems.

Workflow Platform Integrations and Multiphysics Simulation
Part 5: Workflow Platform Integrations and Multiphysics Simulation

In this fifth and final EMA3D Foundations & Integrations webinar series, all previous webinars come together in a grand finale. The discussion covers integrations of Ansys EMC Plus and Ansys Charge Plus with Ansys tools such as Granta, Discovery, optiSLang and Fluent and how these tools support complete and accurate computational multiphysics simulations.

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