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October 7, 2020

Take HUD Design to the Next Level with Ansys Lumerical & Speos

take hud to next level

Ansys Speos enables you to study the interaction of light with mechanical geometries at a macro scale, saving on prototyping time and costs. Ansys Lumerical enables you to model the optical, electrical and thermal effects of light when interacting with geometries at wavelength scale.

Ansys now offers an interoperability flow that combines the nano-scale simulation capabilities of Lumerical with the macroscale, system-level capabilities of Speos. Speos can now consider thin-film and surface effects from Lumerical. That means you can now incorporate functional material design into their flow.

Applications for the workflow include the modeling of systems with plasmonic surfaces, diffraction gratings, image sensors, emissive structures, surface and volume scattering, and diffractive optical elements.

A head-up display simulated using Ansys Speos and Lumerical FDTD and STACK A HUD simulated using Ansys Speos and Lumerical FDTD and STACK. The HUD on the right makes use of a plasmonic surface and is noticeable easier to read than a normal surface.

Simulate Advanced HUDs

HUDs enhance the driving experience by transparently displaying critical real-time navigation and vehicle data directly within a driver’s line-of-sight, enabling their eyes to remain on the road. Ansys Speos is the industry-standard tool for the rapid development of HUDs enabling engineers with the ability to validate designs within minutes.

With its interoperability with Lumerical FDTD and STACK, Speos can take HUD design to the next level to include nano-scale material effects. Engineers can simulate and engineer nano-patterned thin film and plasmonic surfaces to optimize the appearance of HUDs on automobile windshields for a variety of display and lighting conditions.

Whether designing HUDs for the most advanced fighter jet displays or tomorrow’s autonomous vehicle, a Speos and Lumerical workflow can help you create the most optimal design and get you to market faster and cheaper.

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