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September 26, 2019

Optimize Optical Designs Using Real-Time Simulation

One of the major benefits of simulation is that engineers can virtually test their designs — reducing costs and product development time. However, seeing a product’s mechanical, fluid, electrical or multiphysics simulations doesn’t really help the engineer experience the product like a physical prototype.

Ansys Speos Live preview helps engineers experience products digitally. Designed by ARRK.

Physical prototypes are still expensive and labor intensive to make. As an alternative, engineers can use optical design simulations to see, experience and optimize how a product will look to the human eye.

Ansys Speos Live preview offers real-time simulations of optical designs, thanks to the computing power of NVIDIA RTX graphics processing units (GPUs). With Speos Live preview’s simulation and rendering capabilities, engineers can design products interactively — further speeding up development.

The Power of Real-time Simulation of Optical Designs

Moving optical design simulation algorithms to GPUs significantly increased Speos’ simulation speeds. This speed enables engineers to make the most out of the power of real-time simulation.

A demonstration of Ansys Speos Live preview. Designed by ARRK.

Instead of waiting minutes or hours for a highly detailed optical design simulation, engineers can see an accurate representation of what the product will look like in seconds. Those highly detailed optical design simulations are still important; they help engineers apply the finishing touches. However, these detailed simulations should be done late in the development cycle — during the final testing phases.

During the early design phase, speed is key. To that end, Speos Live preview offers engineers instant results that are good enough to guide them toward a near-optimal product design.

Engineers can also use Speos Live preview to explore an interactive model of the design within Ansys VRXPERIENCE. With this intuitive and comprehensive user experience, engineers can easily modify the design’s materials, colors, lighting and optical properties using a simple drag and drop interface. This enables engineers to quickly determine the best optical characteristics of their products using full physics-based lighting simulations.

Combined with VRXPERIENCE’s data import capabilities, Speos can create optical simulation based on computer-aided design (CAD) or computer graphics (CG) modeling data. The CG and CAD data can be combined and compared, enabling engineers to approve the feasibility of early designs.

Learn more about Ansys Speos and real-time simulations of optical designs.

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