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November 14, 2022

Check out the Keynotes and Agenda for the IDEAS Digital Forum

Presentations by Intel, Qualcomm, NVIDIA, Samsung, and many more

Ansys is proud to announce that the agenda and keynote speakers for IDEAS is now available at the IDEAS registration page. IDEAS is Ansys’ annual user group meeting for semiconductor, electronic, and photonic designers.

Last year’s event attracted over 1,000 qualified attendees. IDEAS 2022 is scheduled for December 6 as a fully online event. Attendees at the live event can engage in question-and-answer sessions with the speakers after select presentations.

The morning sessions at IDEAS feature senior executive keynotes with perspectives on the future of the semiconductor and electronics industries. This year’s keynote speakers include:

Ansys IDEAS Headshots

RAJA KODURI – Intel Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Group

Ansys IDEAS Headshots

PANKAJ KUKKAL – Qualcomm Vice President of Engineering

Ansys IDEAS Headshots

ROOPASHREE HM – Texas Instruments Global Director of Electronic Design Automation

Ansys IDEAS Headshots

SUK LEE – Intel Vice President of Ecosystem Development

Ansys IDEAS Headshots

DHIRAJ MALLICK – Cerebras Senior Vice President, Hardware Engineering and Operations

Ansys IDEAS Headshots

DP PRAKASH – Youtopian Co-CEO

IDEAS offers eight technical tracks and presentations from over 20 industry-leading companies. This is your opportunity to gain unique insights from expert designers at companies like NVIDIA, Intel, Meta, Samsung, MediaTek, NXP, IBM, and more. These tape-out case studies and user experiences cover a wide array of topics, including:

  • Power integrity                                            
  • Early low-power design                             
  • 3D-IC thermal integrity analysis               
  • Electromagnetics
  • Applied machine learning for electronic design
  • Timing and dynamic voltage drop (DVD) fixing   
  • Hardware security
  • Photonics and optics

The full agenda and event registration is now available at the IDEAS registration page. Register now and make sure to get IDEAS on your calendar to learn the cutting-edge techniques in electronic, semiconductor, and photonic design.

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