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March 27, 2023

How to Contact Ansys Government Initiatives Support

How many times a week do you hear the phrase “it’s not rocket science”? This expression is tossed around by people to refer to things that aren’t hard — things that anyone should be able to do. But the work that Ansys Systems Tool Kit (STK) users do really is rocket science! Ansys is modeling and analyzing complex systems in real-world environments, from intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) collection to missile flight detection and interplanetary trajectory modeling. These are tough problems that highly intelligent and skilled engineers and scientists are solving.

This is challenging work, and we all need a hand from time to time to help model the systems and situations we want to analyze. That’s where Ansys Government Initiatives’ (AGI’s) stellar Technical Support team comes in. They will help you model your systems and find the right way to get to the analytical solution you’re looking for.

But how do you contact us?

Get Help Within STK

Help menu > Contact Technical Support

This option will open an HMTL form that will auto-populate with the information Technical Support will request. The form also has a text box, labeled “Details,” where you can enter a full description of your problem. Simply fill out the text box and click Submit Email. AGI’s Technical Support team will be on the case!

Contact us form

Help menu > STK Help — Contact Technical Support on every page!

Did you know that every page of the STK Help has a “Contact Support” button? If you click this button within STK Help, it will create a new email — using your default email client — that is automatically addressed to AGI’s Technical Support team. It also references the exact Help page you were looking at so our team knows what topic you are working on.

Contact support button

Get Help Outside of STK

Our engineers spend every day year-round working on tough problems with customers like you. We spend a lot of time improving our Help and recording Frequently Asked Questions and Code Samples so you can answer your questions on your own, right from our website.

Email and Phone

The classic way is still a great way to get in touch. You can email AGI’s Technical Support team at ( and for customers in those parts of the world). Or, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-924-7244. The team is available Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern Time (North America).

What Kind of Information is Needed?

Now that you know how to contact us, you might wonder what information we will ask for when you reach out.

AGI’s Technical Support needs to know:

  • Your name and organization. We want to know you and for you to know us. 
  • Your customer account number. This helps us know what capabilities of STK you have when we start to solve your problem. We want to make sure the solution we find is something you can use. 
  • Which version of STK you are using. Every version of STK is full of new features that enable you to solve new types of problems. 
  • What your particular problem or question is. That’s what we’re here to do — work with you to solve the problem.

AGI has tried to make it simple to talk to us about anything you need on your analysis projects. So, reach out today and let us know how we can help!

To learn more about how Ansys STK can help you, visit our digital mission engineering page. 

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