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October 26, 2023

Gain an Industry Edge with Ansys Certifications and Digital Badges

As digitalization continues to transform nearly every industry around the world, from aerospace and automotive to energy and healthcare, simulation has become a required skill in today’s science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields.

Ansys is dedicated to preparing aspiring engineers and other STEM professionals with in-demand simulation skills through the Ansys Academic Program, which provides universities with affordable software for use in the classroom and in research. Further support is extended to students for at-home learning with resources, including free downloads of student software, Ansys Innovation Courses, and the Ansys Learning Forum.

However, you don’t have to be an academic scholar to invest in your simulation skills. Learners at any level can deepen their understanding in select areas of engineering and physics and showcase their proficiency on professional social media platforms with Course Completion Digital Badges. By earning an Ansys Certification, students, recent graduates, and aspiring STEM professionals gain a competitive edge, stand out from other candidates, and develop industry-ready skill sets. 

Student certification

Invest in Your Professional Development

Ansys Certifications are available in engineering disciplines including structures, fluids, and electronics. They range in levels from Associate, Simulation, and Professional. When a user invests in an Ansys Certification, they gain access to a recommended learning track containing a list of courses that will help them prepare for the exam, which they have two attempts to pass. Certification topics incorporate Ansys solutions such as Ansys Workbench, Ansys Fluent, Ansys Mechanical, and tools from Ansys Electronics Desktop (AEDT). As a bonus, all enrollees gain access to 20 cloud hours of Ansys’ free student software, which can be used to complete the exam if required.

Learners can also obtain a digital badge upon course completion. A track completion digital badge enables students to showcase their expertise and get recognized globally. The digital image contains verified metadata that describes individual course participation and program experience. Digital badges can be used in email signatures, digital resumes, and social and professional media platforms.

Prepare for Industry

Ronan Butts, an aerospace and mechanical engineering student at West Virginia University (WVU), completed the Ansys Associate Certification: Physics of Structural Mechanics last year. This summer, Butts interned on a components test team at SpaceX for its spacecraft Starship. During his internship, Butts supported the Starship project and worked with life support systems that could allow humans to travel to the moon and Mars.

Roan Butts

Ronan Butts, aerospace and mechanical engineering student at West Virginia University

Roan's cert

Ansys Certifications are available in engineering disciplines, including structures, fluids, and electronics, and range in level from associate, simulation, and professional.

"I believe that this Ansys Certification allowed me to stand out in the SpaceX interview process and showed I was developing new skills, even outside the classroom,” says Butts. “It also did a good job further developing my skills in Ansys [software] and prepared me for my job. I would definitely recommend that others take this certification, as it is a great way to show employers you understand the software beyond just taking a finite element analysis (FEA) class, and it is a good way to review and polish your fundamental skills.”

Butts is finishing his last semester at WVU and is on the university’s microgravity research team.

Graduate student Kayla Mennillo completed the Ansys Associate Certification: Fundamentals of Compressible Flows earlier this year as she pursues a master’s degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Hartford in Connecticut. Mennillo also works as a senior engineer at Pratt & Whitney, a world leader in the design, manufacture, and service of aircraft engines. 

Kayla Mennillo

Kayla Mennillo, senior engineer at Pratt & Whitney

Kayla badge

Ansys Certification enrollees can obtain a verified digital badge upon course completion to display in email signatures, digital resumes, and social and professional media

“Having the Ansys Certification has helped me greatly with job readiness,” she says. “... A few project opportunities have come up where I’ve been able to take advantage of and use Ansys, given my certification in the program. I highly encourage others to obtain the Ansys certification or badge to add it to their tool belt of skills one could offer to a role or company.”

Mennillo also credits Ansys Certifications in preparing her for graduate-level coursework.

“Getting Ansys-certified in compressible flows was offered during my gas dynamics course while at the university,” she says. “I enjoyed the aspect of being certified in my graduate course, where I learned more hands-on skills with Ansys programming and theory used for Ansys. Receiving this certification helped me in my graduate classes to follow. It was immensely helpful when I took Applied CFD.”

Develop Transferrable Skills

Similarly, mechanical engineering student Cara Fox completed the Ansys Associate Certification: Basics of Fluid Dynamics and has found it helpful while pursuing a master’s degree at the Queen Mary University of London. She hopes to showcase a range of skills for future industry positions.

“I took the certification to represent my experience in fluids to employers and to understand more about how Ansys software completes and represents CFD results,” she says. 

Cara Fox

Cara Fox, mechanical engineering student at the Queen Mary University of London

Cara cert

Ansys Certification and digital badges make it easy to share your skills and verify your credentials virtually.

With a variety of disciplines and subjects to choose from, learners typically find Ansys Certifications programs and subject matter both helpful and relevant to the work and research they encounter in industry.

“The certification was definitely useful in the internship at SpaceX,” says Butts. “Working in test engineering, I had to use Ansys several times to verify that material failure would not occur in the components I was designing. The Physics of Structural Mechanics Certification prepared me to solve and analyze these types of structural mechanics problems. FEA was not the primary aspect of my job, but it was a skill that was still essential for me to understand and use as an engineer on the team.” 

Sunglasses simulation

Butts used Ansys Workbench and Ansys Mechanical during his certification program to analyze the arm of a pair of sunglasses and determine stress at its hinge when pulled too far.

Get Started Today

Ansys Certifications aid in career readiness, job placement, and professional development while reinforcing a deeper understanding of fundamental engineering, physics, and simulation concepts and topics.

With ongoing open enrollment, you can register at any time and get started today. To learn more, visit Ansys Certifications. To discover additional learning opportunities, visit Ansys Academic to browse free student software, Innovation Courses, and a wide range of resources.

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