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November 26, 2021

Accelerate Product Innovation and Successfully Scale with AI

It may surprise you that the study of artificial intelligence (AI) dates back to the 1950s. Naturally, at that time — prior to the information age and digital era explosion — AI concepts were generally regarded as too futuristic to entertain and too embryonic to implement or validate.

Conversely, today AI is sweeping into the mainstream, impacting nearly every industry around the globe, including high-tech, automotive, and energy, with tangible results from the earliest stages of design and analysis throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Yet, there is still some resistance to embrace AI, with less than a third of organizations investing in such technologies, according to a survey conducted by International Data Corporation (IDC). However, the new “Worldwide Artificial Intelligence Spending Guide” from IDC shows that the market is set to grow. It forecasts that European spending on AI systems will jump from $17.3 billion in 2021 to more than $50 billion in 2025.

So, Let’s Talk AI

To explore this area and inspire wider AI adoption, Ansys and IDC will show how organizations can more easily integrate AI into their workflows during our upcoming webinar: “How to Accelerate Product Innovations and Successfully Scale With AI,

Together with Infineon Technologies, a leading manufacturer of semiconductors; and Monolith AI, an AI software developer, we examine three main areas:

  1. How AI impacts product innovation and the type of success AI users have already achieved
  2. How to seamlessly introduce and scale for AI innovation within organizations
  3. Key insights from premier organizations in the field of AI

This webinar highlights AI’s ability to shift the landscape of most industries. Further, we illustrate how the automation potential of AI alone can rapidly accelerate innovation and the pace of design cycles.

Hear from the Pros

From the creative components of product innovation to the business side of operations, the technical aspects of AI, and the science in between, we will share strategies to best employ AI technologies within your organization. Specifically, we will consider how AI is influencing — and can further influence — product design and engineering.

Jack Vernon, IDC

Jack Vernon, IDC

Dr. Volkan Esen, Infineon Technologies

Dr. Volkan Esen, Infineon Technologies

Dr Richard Ahlfeld, Monolith AI

Dr. Richard Ahlfeld, Monolith AI

Dr. Christophe Bianchi, Ansys

Dr. Christophe Bianchi, Ansys

I am delighted to join an expert panel of speakers, including Dr. Richard Ahlfeld, CEO and founder of Monolith AI; Dr. Volkan Esen, a director of system engineering and applied machine learning methodology at Infineon Technologies; and Jack Vernon, a senior research analyst of European AI systems at IDC.

No Time Like the Present

We will also review the possible pitfalls that organizations may experience if they choose not to embrace or expand their transformative technologies in today’s market. Moreover, we designed this webinar to provide invaluable direction for business and industry leaders who are considering introducing AI to their operations, address the opportunities that AI creates, and discuss the potential strategic impact it has on your organization. To join us, sign up for the IDC and Ansys webinar.

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