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Sudhir Sharma


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Sudhir Sharma 

Chief Marketing Officer, WatchRx, Inc.

Sudhir is a technology industry expert, advisor and entrepreneur. His focus is on product development, strategy and marketing of hardware, software and systems. As Director and Global Head of High-Tech Industry at Ansys, led marketing efforts for high-tech industry projects in the areas of digitalization, digital twin, loT, and 5G. He is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at WatchRx, Inc.


  • Master of Business Administration Degree in Marketing, Strategy, & Management from the Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Master of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern Methodist University
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Mississippi State University

Time at Ansys: 2013 - 2019

Articles by This Author

Full wave model of communications channel

Ensuring EMI/EMC Compliance with Electronics Simulation

Products creating electromagnetic interference (EMI) could not only malfunction but could also cause other electronic devices to malfunction.

Barcode scanner scanning a bag of carrots

How to Improve the Range of RFID Readers with a Directional Antenna

Learn how Honeywell engineers designed an inexpensive, reconfigurable antenna that concentrates all the RF power generated by the reader in a single direction.

Antennas outside a stadium

Designing 5G Cellular Base Station Antennas Using Parametric Studies

Learn how simulation helps engineers design directional antennas for the 5G Network using parametric studies.


Leaping the Chasm to 7nm Semiconductor Design

Products using 7nm semiconductor design pose challenges that can be solved using upfront simulation tools like Ansys RedHawk-SC.

Digital twin technology being used

Why Digitalization Needs Physics Based Simulation

Digitalization initiatives, from designing smart products to improving industrial operations and services, need engineering simulation.

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