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Santosh Kottalgi


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Santosh Kottalgi

Principal Application Engineer, Ansys

Santosh demonstrates the value of simulation-led product design and development by working on presales projects, benchmarking against competition, training and webinars for customers and technical marketing activities. He guides university students through their product development journey and helps CXO-level executives achieve ROI goals from their investment in simulation software. He is an expert in mechanical simulation and NVH/acoustics technologies with multiphysics applications. In his current role as Principal Application Engineer, Santosh leads Ansys' product offerings for vehicle electrification applications for battery, motor and gearbox.


  • Bachelor of Engineering in Production Engineering Degree from Shivaji University
  • Post Graduate Certificate in CAD/CAM/CAE from Ramaiah Institute of Technology
  • Master of Business Administration in Information Technology Degree from Johnson & Wales University

Professional Credentials:

  • A member of Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE) and is technical paper reviewer and session chair for their hallmark SAE world congress (WCX) conference
  • An associate member of Acoustical society of America (ASA)
  • A member of NAFEMS
  • A member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • A member of International institute of noise control engineering (I-INCE).
  • Organizing committe member of Bi-annual SAE Noise and Vibration Conference and Exibition


Joined Ansys: February 2005

Articles by This Author

Seatbelt On

How to Improve Product Sounds Using Acoustic Simulations

Learn how acoustic simulation tools can help you design the sounds your products make, from a quiet running electric vehicle to a golf club hitting a ball.

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