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Rich Goldman


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Rich Goldman

Director of Product Marketing, Ansys

As Director of Product Marketing at Ansys, Rich leads a team of product marketers in the areas of electronics, semiconductors, photonics and optical simulation. He is responsible for digital marketing, branding, marketing strategy, product marketing, and content marketing for Ansys' leading simulation software products. Rich joined Ansys with the acquisition of Lumerical, where he was the head of marketing. Prior to that, he was a Partner at Silicon Catalyst where he coached semiconductor startup executives. Prior to that, he was Chancellor at Global Technology University in Silicon Valley, California. He was Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Strategic Alliances at Synopsys where he led the corporate marketing team and its University Program.


  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Degree from Syracuse University
  • Master of Business Administration Degree from the University of Dallas
  • Master of Science in Engineering Management Degree from the University of Dallas
  • Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy Degree from State Engineering University of Armenia
  • Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy Degree from Russian Armenian University

Professional Credentials:

  • Named the most interesting person in EDA by SemiWIki
  • Named one of "the world's greatest thinkers" on Amazon
  • 4 time TEDx speaker
  • 4 time Syracuse University intramurals wrestling champion
  • King David Award Nominee
  • US State Department ACE Award finalist for best US foreign subsidiary
  • Voted Man of the Year in Armenia, 2008
  • Oxford University Master Class presenter on Entrepreneurship
  • Syracuse University Deans' Leadership Council - School of Engineering & Computer Science
  • 200 academic paper citations certified by
  • Chairman of the Board - Synopsys Foundation

Joined Ansys: April 2020

Articles by This Author


Intel Foundry Service’s New Cloud Alliance Addresses Customers’ Semiconductor Design Challenges

Intel Foundry Services (IFS) recently announced a cloud alliance initiative that takes advantage of the company’s capabilities and experiences with support from Ansys and other electronic design automation (EDA) vendors.


Photonics Flash Forward: The Design Experience Now vs. 2025

Photonics is already solving challenges that electronics struggle to address, and the next five years looks even brighter for photonics design.

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