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Ravi Ravikumar


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Ravi Ravikumar

Senior Manager Outbound Marketing, Samsung Semiconductor US

Ravi is a marketer in the field of semiconductors technology. As a Senior Marketing Manger at Ansys, he managed events, tradeshows and webinars for the integrated circuit business. Currently Ravi is Senior Manager of Outbound Marketing at Samsung Semiconductor US.


  • Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics and Communication from the College of Engineering, Guindy
  • Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology

Proffesional Crednetials: Certificate as "Project Management Practioner" from De Anza College

Time at Ansys: 2014-2017

Articles by This Author


TSMC’s InFO Packaging Technology is a Game Changer, Empowered by Ansys

TSMC has developed an InFO packaging technology that is truly a game changer! Learn more about Ansys solutions for IC and SoC design.

Outline fo a car and several driver-assistance systems

Design of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – A CPS Approach

Learn how Ansys CPS simulations can ensure the tighter power noise integrity needed for ADAS applications.

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