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Mike Ashby


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Mike Ashby

Royal Society Research Professor Emeritus of Materials Science and Engineering and Principle Investigator of the Engineering Design Centre at Cambridge University

Dr. Ashby is world reknown for revolutionizing the approach to material selection to incorporate the aspects of feature, material, geometry, and process. In 1994, he co-founded Granta Design, which was aquired by Ansys in 2019. He was elected into the National Academy of Engineering for outstanding contributions in the understanding of the mechanical behavior of materials and for the development of useful formats for design. Dr. Ashby is currently the Royal Society Research Professor Emeritus of materials science and engineering and the Principle Investigator of the Engineering Design Centre at Cambridge University.


  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Metallurgy from Cambridge University
  • Master of Arts degree in Natural Science from Cambridge University
  • Doctor of Philosophy degree from Cambridge University

Professional Credentials:

  • Fellow of the Royal Society 
  • Recieved the A. A. Griffith Medal and Prize 
  • Member of the National Academy of Engineering
  • Awarded the European Materials Medal of the Federation of European Materials Societies
  • Fellow of the Royal Acadamy of Engineering
  • Nominated a Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 
  • Awared the eringen Medal from the Society of Engineeering Science

Articles by This Author

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Never Underestimate the Remarkable Benefits of Corrugated Iron

Corrugated iron is strong, light, affordable, biodegradable and bioavailable, making it an excellent choice for engineers looking for eco-friendly structural components.

Plastic and Paper Bag

Paper, Plastic or Jute - What’s Best for Shopping Bags?

Plastic, paper or jute? Learn why materials data are important when designing products like shopping bags.

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