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Kishor Ramaswamy


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Kishor Ramaswamy

Director, Application Engineering, Ansys

Kishor leads Ansys' North American Optics application engineering team, covering the Lumerical, Zemax, and Speos product lines. He supports sales efforts in key industry verticals, working closely with sales and product development teams. Prior to joining Ansys, he was an application engineer at OPTIS WORLD, when the company was acquired by Ansys in 2018.


  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Degree from McGill Univeristy
  • Master of Science in Electrical Engineering Degree from McGill University

Joined Ansys: August 2015

Articles by This Author


UV Robots Can Accelerate COVID-19 Recovery for Airlines

Learn how simulation can be used to design and optimize disinfecting UV robots that can clean airplanes with a sufficient dose of UV light.


Why Autonomous Vehicles Need Thermal Cameras

FLIR’s simulations show how thermal cameras fill in the autonomous vehicle sensor gap.

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