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Irsha Pardeshi

Senior Application Engineer, Ansys

Irsha leads key business projects and academic collaboration to expand Ansys' footprint in healthcare industry. She implements end-to-end high technical competency projects for several industrial applications and develops technical content for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device applications.


  • 'Ph.D in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from Purdue University
  •  M.S. in Engineering from Purdue University
  • B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering from College of Engineering Pune, India

Joined Ansys: June 2019

Articles by This Author

Women in technology

Women in Technology: Balancing Global Advocacy with Motherhood

Dr. Rebecca Bryan of Synopsys explains the benefits of in silico medicine and the challenges specific to women in engineering. 

women in technology

Women in Technology: Overcoming Gender-Based Stereotypes in Biomedical Engineering

Learn how advances in simulation software are making it much easier for Dr. Liesbet Geris and her research team to replicate biological processes, such as medium flows through scaffolds in bioreactors, that are critical to her work. 

workplace communication

Keys to Effective Communication in the Virtual World

Ansys employees offer advice on how to improve communication and simulation workflows in a virtual world.

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