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The master's degree learning methodology is entirely online and includes documentation, exercises, tutorials, online evaluation, tutor sessions, forum and exams in English. The student has access to all learning materials through the virtual classroom.

All the written material for these modules is in English. The curriculum combines a theory section (between 30 percent and 50 percent of the modules) with an application section (50 percent to 70 percent).

The goal of this content is to train the student in all theoretical fundamentals and concepts needed to solve Fluid and/or Solid Mechanics problems by means of numerical simulation and its practical application to real-life problems with Ansys software, one of the most comprehensive sets of engineering simulation tools worldwide.

  • All instructional material has been created by the Technical University of Madrid and Ansys.
  • For the software applications, students have access to the Ansys software and licenses needed to perform exercises, tutorials, exams and the master’s degree thesis.
  • Contact with the professors is conducted through the virtual classroom, tutor sessions or forum. Communication between student and professor can be done in English or in Spanish.
  • Student evaluation is conducted via homework assignments and midterm tests for each module and an evaluation of the master's thesis.The homework assignments take place online and contain theory and practical application with more weight assigned to the practical part.
  • All modules are available at the beginning of the semester for each course, starting in October and February.
  • Additionally, there are two pre-enrollment and enrollment periods: one ending in October and another one ending in February.

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