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Modeling the Crushing Behavior of a Tubular Structure in Ansys LS-Dyna

This simulation tutorial aims to provide a basic introduction into running LS-DYNA simulations with the help of LS-PrePost and LS-Run. The tutorial features an example of a tubular structure with a square cross-section that is crushed against a flat, rigid plate. The tutorial is divided into four distinct topics. It begins with the topic of meshing with the purpose of creating the structure for the analysis. The second part covers the analysis setup of creating the necessary keywords, wherein some of the basic modeling aspects of LSDYNA are touched upon. For the third part of the tutorial, you perform model checking prior to running the analysis, after which you also learn how to perform the simulation using LS-Run.

The fourth and final part of the tutorial concerns post processing, wherein you learn how to analyze the results using some of the functionality available in LS-PrePost. An accompanying YouTube Tutorial series for all four parts can be found on the Ansys Learning Channel.

Learning Outcomes

  • Set up and run a simulation in LS-DYNA using PrePost and Run
  • Understand the capabilities of LS-DYNA while exploring crushing and crashworthiness

Applicable Courses

  • Computational Structural Mechanics
  • Dynamic Analysis & Non-Linear Structural Behavior

Downloadable Content

  • Simulation project files
  • Case study report

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